Senior superlative special: Mr. and Miss McIntosh

Seniors Elizabeth Roshelli and Andrew Johnson

Monica Jameson and Davel Photography

Seniors Elizabeth Roshelli and Andrew Johnson

Senior superlatives are one of the many things seniors here at MHS getting excited about every year. Nominations are carefully Chick-fil-a Characterized and accurately polled. This year, one of the most crucial categories that has been a McIntosh tradition, Mr. and Miss McIntosh, is carried on with MHS’s very own Homecoming Queen, Elizabeth Roshelli and the varsity quarterback Andrew Johnson.

Elizabeth Roshelli represents MHS as the Student Government Executive President. She is also a member of McIntosh’s 2012 state winning cross country team. Elizabeth is responsible promoting the Green Ribbon school project for MHS in order to convert McIntosh to a more environmentally friendly school. Outside of school, she leads a youth group at church and babysits on the weekend. After being nominated, she expressed, “Starting my freshman year at MHS, I always tried to predict who would win each superlative. I was the last person on my list to win Miss. McIntosh. Now, four years later I could not be more honored to have been chosen by my peers to represent the class of 2014.”

Varsity quarterback Andrew Johnson recently received the title Mr. McIntosh with the help of his Senior class. Andrew this year alone has set many GHSA football records for MHS’s varsity team. Currently, the team has their eyes on state with a record of 8-2. With Andrew’s astounding leadership qualities, he plans to lead his team to state. In the spring, Andrew is also a part of McIntosh’s varsity baseball team. He’s been apart of this team since his freshman year. Mr. McIntosh was excited about being nominated by his peers and stated, “Throughout my four years at MHS, I never thought in my final year I would be chosen by my peers to represent my class. I am most excited about my yearbook page at the end of the year.”