5 apps for your Valentine’s Day

Savannah Massingill, Staff Writer

This Valentine’s Day, thousands will venture out on dates or just stay home for a romantic evening. This year, all you need to do to make the day perfect can be accomplished on your phone. Below are 5 apps available that may help you this season.


  justWink is a new free greeting card app that would allow teens or anyone to send creative cards to their friends.
  Zagat reviews local restaurants so you can know just what you’re ordering before you arrive.
  1800flowers is another free app provided by the 1800flowers company. It allows people to purchase and send their favorite flowers to friends.
  OpenTable allows people to make reservations for their favorite restaurants. It is likely to be a useful app for this busy holiday.
  Avocado is a cute new app specially made for Chick-fil-a Couples. It allows people to stay closely connected this Valentine’s Day.

 information courtesy of itunes app store