Mr. Darren Delfosse

Mr. Darren Delfosse

Savannah Massingill, Staff Writer

Mr. Darren Delfosse , who is also the new boys’ assistant varsity basketball coach, is excited to teach British Literature, and ninth grade English this year at McIntosh. He said, “Basketball season will be exciting as the boys’ assistant varsity basketball coach. I want all my students to learn life lessons in addition to earning high grades.”

Over the past five years, Mr. Delfosse has taught at Chapel Hill High School, Factory Shoals Middle School, and Lithia Springs High School.  From his previous teaching experiences,  he said he has learned that students can be the greatest teachers. He also says that he chose to come to McIntosh due to the school’s outstanding academic reputation.

Mr. Delfosse has many hobbies including weight lifting, playing basketball, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife. He also enjoys reading. His favorite novels include 1984, Brave New World, Invisible Man (Ellison), and Walden.

Finally, Mr. Delfosse is already known by those who have seen his YouTube video. It features him being surrounded by a crowd of students until they move away to reveal him on one knee. He even proposes, as best he can, in French, the language she teaches.

Mr. Delfosse admits to being a hopeless romantic is excited for the year to come.