Rings of Power Premieres on Prime Video

Ryan LeVan, Staff Writer

The new TV series, “Rings of Power,” came out September Second is based off  the popular book and movie series, “The Lord of the Rings.” This show follows the course of Sauron, the villain in “Lord of the Rings,” forging and mastering the Rings of Power. This show does feature strong adult jokes and gore so it is rated TV-14.

The Lord of the Rings is a medieval-style story set way back to when the world, or, “Middle Earth” was so young that all the continents and even the world itself was all different then how it is perceived today. There hasn’t been much news about new “Lord of the Rings” content since the early 2000s, since the trilogy of films was made.

“I watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy once as a kid, but I’d be excited to rewatch it and then catch up on this series,” Eliie Harris (9) said.

What we do know is that this new chapter for “The Lord of the Rings” gives us a glimpse of an era of Middle-earth, before “The Lord of the Rings” and is theorized by fans such as IGN and a popular YouTube channel Film Theory, to explain Gandalf the Gray’s origins, a mysterious wizard from “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings.” His origins have been unknown to fans since the first book was released. The characters known to be featured in the series include Sauron, Gandalf, Saurmon, Galdriel, Elrond, and others  that fans have only heard reports from sources like “IGN,” a video game and tv show news publisher, about throughout the history of this series.

I’m very excited for this show and what it has to offer in terms of possibilities and different characters.”

— Maxwell Thomas (9)

The series follows the lives of many different people all at once. Galadriel, the daughter of an elven lord whose brother was killed by a great malice known as Sauron whom Galadriel has sworn to kill in revenge for her brother. There is a tidy and tucked away village of creatures known as “Harfoots,” but when their quiet life gets interrupted by a man falling out of the sky on a meteor, what are they supposed to do? Elrond, who is also a child of an Elf Lord, is Galadriel’s closest friend and is apprenticing Celebrimbor in creating a marvelous tower forge that will bring the elves, men, and dwarves closer together. Finally, Arrondir is part of the Elven Guard that was posted at a village called Tirharad, and when he falls in love with a woman named Bronwyn right before he is called home, which is he to pick?

This show gives a feel of nostalgia to anyone who has watched “The Lord of the Rings” before, but even for someone who hasn’t this is a great watch by itself with its mystical storytelling.