Betty White’s Death

Chloe Torrechilla

On Dec. 31st the world received news about the passing of beloved American actress Betty White at the age of 99. The actress and comedian had an incredible career in television spanning over 80 years.
Born in 1922, Betty has had 80 years of experience working in entertainment. She started off her career in the 1940s when she appeared on radio talk shows and co-producing her own TV show “Life with Elizabeth.” From there she had many other appearances on television like “The Betty White Show ” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” she was also the oldest SNL host in 2010 at 88 years old. But her most famous role is her role as Rose Nyund on the popular 80s show “The Golden Girls.”
Even late in her career she made many appearances on late night shows and worked on commercials. She had one of the longest and most successful careers in TV and became a beloved icon.
On Dec. 28th she made a post on twitter promoting her interview with People Magazine celebrating her 100th birthday. In the tweet she said “My 100th birthday… I cannot believe it is coming up, and People Magazine is celebrating with me!”

In the interview she talked about how she managed to live such a long and happy life. She said that she was “born a cockeyed optimist” and said that “I got it from my mom, and that never changed.” Betty also talked about how good her health is which only made her death more sudden, she said “I’m so happy to be in such good health” and that “It’s amazing.”
Betty White died from a stroke according to People Magazine. Her agent Jeff Witjas said that, “Betty passed in her sleep peacefully without pain. To me this is the most important thing and brings me comfort as her dear friend. Anything else is private to Betty.”
The world mourned her death, with many fans sharing their grief on social media saying goodbye to the final Golden Girl. A student at McIntosh shares their thoughts about her death, “Betty White passing hit hard. I cried all day” freshman Marshall Candelaria-Hubbs said.
Passing on New Year’s Eve just a few weeks before her 100th birthday on Jan. 17 made her death that much more heartbreaking. Betty White is a national treasure and will be remembered as one of the most legendary actresses of our century.