Kourtney Kardashian is Engaged

Talia Morley, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 Kourtney Kardashian got engaged to Travis Barker. After many years of friendship, and nine months of dating, Kourtney and Travis have announced their engagement.

Kourtney is a part of the Kardashian empire and is seen in the reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Along with being in the TV show, she is also a social media influencer, a model and a socialite. This 42 year old celebrity is a mother of three who has her own business called Poosh which is a way for Kourtney to share her lifestyle with her fans. Poosh is a website that promotes health,wellness and life hacks. It also gives recipes Kourtney uses, and highlights things she does in her life as recommendations for the viewers. She has 147 million followers on Instagram, and her net worth is about $65 million on her own.

Travis is a 45 year old American musician and is in the rock band Blink-185 serving as a drummer. He has made many collaborations with hip hop artists such as Blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD and many others. He is also a member of the rock- rap group Transplants, and he founded the rock bands Box Car Racer, +44, and later joined the bands Antemasque and Goldfinger. Travis has about 18 music albums, over 88 tattoos all over his body, and he is a father of two teenagers. According to Google, this musician has 5.9 million followers on instagram, and his net worth is estimated to be about $50 million.

Kourtney and Travis first met back in 2006 when he was dating Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian was traveling the world with her. They had continued being friends for years, even lived in the same neighborhood and at the start of 2021 they began dating.

The night of their engagement, Travis took Kourtney to the Rosewood Miramar hotel in Montecito, California. According to E! News an eyewitness says, “the proposal took place just as the sun was setting at 6:30 p.m.”

The proposal was on the beach, and Travis had a set up of white and red flowers in the shape of a heart, in the center of the heart was the letter T and K combined into one, and there were also giant candles displayed inside and around the floral set up. For the proposal, Kourtney’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, and her mother, Kris Jenner made an appearance.

E! News said, “Kourtney looked very surprised to see Khloe and Tristan there. The Insider shares.”

“Travis escorted Kourtney down to the beach, where he had red and white florals set up in the shape of a heart. It looked very romantic. I could see Kourtney smiling from ear to ear and putting her hand over her mouth looking surprised. The family cheered for them and went back into the hotel.” Kourtney said that she had no idea that Travis was planning to propose, and an eyewitness says,” She teared up and couldn’t stop saying, ‘I love you.’”
According to News.au it says, ”It appears Travis has bought into the Kardashian family philosophy of going big and going flashy with the enormous oval-cut diamond engagement ring he gave to Kourtney. It looks to be larger than 15 carats in a pavé or hidden halo setting,” Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, told page six style, valuing the sparkler at a whopping $1.34 million.”

The exes of the engaged couple have expressed their opinions on the engagement. Scott Disick is the ex of Kourtney, and the father of her three children. Scott and Kourtney dated on and off from 2006 to 2015 when they finally called it quits and ended their relationship for good.

Hola! says, “Scott is stewing over Kourtney and Travis’ engagement and not happy at all.” Another source told Entertainment Tonight(www.etonline.com),
“He’s lonely right now and not in a relationship and is very jealous that things are working out for Kourtney. Scott would prefer to go back to when he and Kourtney were just getting along as co-parents without anyone else in their lives romantically.”

Page Six says Scott was “losing his mind over the impending nuptials. Scott is going crazy,” our insider claimed. “ He’s going to go off in the deep end. It’s really bad. It’s about to get dark.” Kourtney’s engagement upset Scott greatly, and sources say the 38 year old Kardashian ex was spotted partying with a 23 year old model after the engagement took place. “The Talentless clothing founder, 38, was spotted at Hyde Sunset in West Hollywood on Thursday hanging out with 23-year-old model Elizabeth Grace Lindley… This is the first time “ Keeping Up With the Kardashians” alum has been out with a new chick since he and ex Amelia Gray Hamlin split in September…”

Shanna is not a fan of Kourtney Kardashian and the Kardashian empire, BuzzFeed News says,” Earlier this year, Travis’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler publicly branded Kourtney a “downgrade” and accused her of “putting a wedge” between her and her kids.”

Shanna has done many things to distort the Travis-Kourtney relationship doing things such as liking instagram comments saying nasty things about Kourtney, accusing Travis of having an affair with Kourtney’s sister, Kim Kardashian and publicly bashing the Kardashian family. Talking about the engagement, PageSix says,”Frankly my dear, I dont give a d**n.” She captioned an Instagram photo Thursday of herself dressed in old Hollywood-style glamour.

Shanna already doesn’t have a good relationship with her children and sources say the engagement drove them even further apart. Viewers spotted the disappearance of photos of Shannas kids on her instagram, Buzzfeed says,” The sudden wiping of family photographs suggests that Travis and Kourtney’s engagement might have caused a further divide between Shanna and her kids — each of whom publicly celebrated their dad’s engagement over the weekend.” For someone who claims she doesn’t care, Shanna has spent a good amount of time posting about it in different ways.

Photo from Kim Kardashian Instagram

The engaged couple have continuously been sharing photos from the engagement, and photos of the massive engagement ring. They are working on finding a date for the wedding while continuing to enjoy being a newly engaged couple.