Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween



Chloe Torrechilla

Halloween is right around the corner and horror movies are a tradition for many people. There are many genres of horror like slasher, comedy, phycological and thrillers. Here are 8 scary movies to enjoy watching this spooky season.

A quiet town in California becomes a bloodbath when a ghost masked killer starts terrorizing the neighborhood. One year after her mother’s death, young teenage girl Sidney Prescott and a group of highschool students become targets of the masked killer.
A 1996 film by Wes Craven, Scream does a satirical take on the slasher genre of horror, playing on many horror movie tropes. Almost like a parody of slasher films, Scream is a horror classic that plays around with it’s characters that make for a fun and entertaining watch.

Carrie white, a shy sheltered girl from a religious background gets invited to prom by the popular boy Tommy Ross. It was the happiest moment of her life until some bullies pulled a humiliating prank on her that made Carrie take on horrific revenge.
A 1976 adaptation of Steven King’s horror novel directed by Brian De Palm, Carrie is a supernatural thriller about a girl discovering that she has supernatural powers. Following Carrie’s high school experience, after a humiliating incident at prom her life takes a dark and violent turn.

Jennifer’s Body
In Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota, reserved nerdy girl, Needy and popular cheerleader, Jennifer go to a rock show at a local bar where things take a turn for the worse. Jennifer gets possessed by a man eating demon and Needy has to find a way to stop her.
Following the unlikely friendship of two girls Jennifer’s body 2009 is a horror comedy directed by Karyan Kusama. A cult classic movie, Jennifer’s body gave the horror scene an iconic female villain and a comedic take on monster films.

Perfect Blue
Pop star Mima quits her band to become an actress. She gets an offer for a tv show but slowly starts going insane after she finds out that there is a violent stalker after her. She starts hallucinating and gets haunted by a ghostly figure.
Satoshi Kon’s brilliant work, Perfect blue 1999, is a psychological horror that is both terrifying and confusing. It’s an upsetting film that almost feels like a lucid dream when watching it for the first time.

A cold night in 1963, six year old Michel Myers murders his 17 year old sister. He was sent to prison and 15 years later he escaped. He returns to his home town and starts terrorizing the neighborhood on Halloween night.
The all time classic slasher film Halloween, set the stage for many movies in the slasher genre of horror. Made in 1978, director John Carpenter created one of the most iconic movie killers that paved the way for the future of gory serial killer movies.

Friday the 13th
Camp Crystal Lake has a history of murders that take place within nit’s ground. Locals warn outsiders to stay away but a group of young adults decide to spend the night and go face to face with Jason Voorhees, the famed killer of Crystal Lake.
10 years after the release of Halloween, Sean Cunningham’s 1980 slasher film Friday the 13th became another horror classic that follows the same pattern as Halloween. A silent killer terrorizes a group of young people and only one of them will make it out alive.

Bride of Chucky
After getting torn apart by the police Chuck is resurrected by his ex-girlfriend Tiffany. Chucky and Tiffany try to fund an amulet that will return them back into human form and go on a killing spree in New Jersey.
Bride of Chucky 1998 directed by Ronny Yu is a fun and welcome addition to the Chucky franchise. Another horror comedy, Bride of Chucky is a whimsical take on the killer doll Chucky and his newly introduced girlfriend tiffany. While being funny and entertaining, Bride of Chucky is still a gory slasher.

The Babadook
After her husband’s death, single mother Amelia struggles to deal with her son’s fears. Her son Samuel has a fear of monsters which only got worse when they read a children’s book called “The Babadook”, where it seems like the monster may not just be a fairy tail.
Disturbing and haunting, The Babadook 2014 directed by Jennifer Kent is a story about a family falling apart because of a monster creating an atmosphere of horror in their own home. It’s unsettling and upsetting to watch the events unfold, a perfect movie for hardcore horror fans.