The Return of Movie Theaters and Their Impact


Graphic by: Max Lawson

Max Lawson, Photography Editor

As the world begins to reset itself in the wake of COVID-19, one of the most recent and controversial decisions that modern industry has made is the return of movies to be released exclusively in theaters. Many people have been unable to see movies in person until now, in addition to film companies losing millions due to the need to publish their movies on streaming sites for at-home viewing. This has proven to be problematic for both parties, making the return of theater exclusivity a powerful decision, despite potential issues regarding COVID-19.
“I like that I can see things on the big screen again,” said senior Cole Weise, commenting on his experience after seeing the newly released “Shang-Chi.”
Among students, reception seems to be good regarding returning to theaters.
“Movies are a great way for people to come together again,” said freshman Jayden Wadlington. Especially after COVID-19, it is worth noting when something like a theater begins to open its doors to exclusives again.
“They make more money too,” said senior Chris Kyslinger when asked about the benefits of theater exclusivity. This is an important part of films returning as well, as many companies like Disney can now make more money from box office-only releases.
Further proof, in its opening week, Marvel’s “Shang-Chi” made more than 90 million according to IGN. “Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train”, another theater exclusive movie, made more than 500 million also according to IGN.
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