Hot Scoup on the show “Bridgerton” *spoiler alert*

Oluchi Ugbajah, Staff Writer

As many probably already know, a new show, Bridgerton, released on Netflix on Christmas in 2020. This show is based off of an eight book series written by Julia Quinn who is an American romance author. This show takes place in London’s Regency era of 1813. According to, the show was “viewed by 63 million households in its first four weeks since premiering,” it is a hit. To start off, Shonda Rhimes was one of the executive producers of Bridgerton. She has produced some other hit shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal.” Rhimes has won 4 awards for Grey’s Anatomy alone: Writers Guild of America Award for Television: New Series, Producers Guild of America Award – Norman Felton Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Television – Drama,TV Land Future Classic Award, and NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Dramatic Series. With how great Bridgerton is, she most likely has more coming her way.
Most people really liked Bridgerton because it was like a 1800’s “Gossip Girl” show. In the background of this show, there is a Lady Whistledown who is narrating and commenting on all the drama that is going on, just like Gossip Girl did in Gossip GIrl. Lady Whistledown is voiced by none other than award-winning Julie Andrews, which was the second attraction to the show. Julie Andrews has always had a way with words and this made Bridgerton suspenseful and intriguing.
When I saw the picture icon for Bridgerton on Netflix, I already knew that it was going to be an interesting show, which is exactly what it is. The plot is unique and entertaining to watch. My favorite episode is “Shock and Delight” (season 1 episode 2). This is when their little ruse of being in a relationship first began. I loved this episode because after they decided to go along with this plan, there was a scene when they were dancing and then Lady Whistledown was talking while music was also playing in the background. That scene was so magical to me.
My overall favorite components of Bridgerton would have to be the actors, how issues/solutions were portrayed, and the music. The cast of characters was so perfect, it could not get any better than that. I think that the developing romance between Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dyvneor) and “The Duke”,Simon Bassett (Regé-Jean Page) has something to do with the music that was played during the scenes they were together. The music had a big impact on emotions and how I felt about each scene.
To top it all off, I was also happy to know that there were black people casted lead roles. Because, nowadays most Netflix originals do not star minorities. According to, “…minority actors were almost proportionally represented (35.0 percent) among lead roles in scripted cable shows. (Minorities represent 40.2 percent of the population overall.)” I don’t much see minorities in the shows and movies, but this show seems like it is going to be the start to a better diverse casting.
This show was breathtaking and I cannot really describe it without spoiling more,so you will have to watch it for yourself. I totally recommend that if you liked Bridgerton then you should also watch “Gossip Girl” and “Reign,” which are also some spectacular, drama- filled shows like this show. I am so excited for season 2 to come out, which is expected to be filmed March 2021, but the release date for Bridgerton season 2 is still unsure, according to I rate this show a 10/10, I totally recommend.