Thescon 2020: A Short Review


Izzy Pullias, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Last week, some International Thespian Society members here at McIntosh travelled to Columbus, Georgia to attend the annual Georgia Thespian Conference. The students were there from Feb. 6 through Feb. 8, where they attended various acting workshops, shows from schools all over Georgia and expanded their acting abilities.
Students were able to choose which workshops at the convention they wished to attend. The workshops gave students a lot to choose from as each workshop focused on a specific part of performing on stage.
“My favorite workshop was dancing through the decades because I was with friends and the choreographer was amazing!” said sophomore Sarah Gilley. “The songs were great too because everyone knew them.”
The days were packed with theater activity along with the workshops, as students got to see other schools perform. Students didn’t get back to their hotel rooms until around 11 pm each night.
Our school performed the competition one act Bellwether at Thescon this year, and many students from around the state were there to see it. The drama department brought the one act back with sets and costumes from when they performed the show back in Oct. 2019.
This annual conference that many thespians attend every year helped students more experienced with onstage performing and meet fellow thespians from all over the state.