McIntosh Game Show Night: Family Feud


Izzy Pullias , Arts & Entertainment Editor

The PTSO held a Family Feud night this past Thursday, Nov. 14. In the auditorium, underclassmen, upperclassmen, teachers and administration went head to head in a classic game of family feud.
Family feud is a “guess the survey” game, where a group of people, usually a family, stand at a podium and guess the most popular answers to survey questions. The show is most famously hosted by Steve Harvey.
McIntosh’s Family Feud night had 5 different groups of McIntosh staff and students. The administration team members were Mr. Lakly, Mrs. Hodge, Mr. Haber, Mrs. Hammock, and Mr. Mann. The teachers who participated were Senora Lloyd, Mrs. Lakly, Mrs. Sisk, Madam Breland, and Mrs. Terrell. The upperclassmen team had Ben Anderson, Allie Silbert, Hayes Herzog, Molly McCamphill and Grant Fouts fight for the win. The underclassmen teams were split into girl and guy teams. The girls’ team members were Reese Edwards, Quinn Fitzhenry, Freja Ladefoged, and Carson Malloy. The boys consisted of Aiden Choat, Mac Danelly, and Lance Johnston.
The underclassmen girls were beaten by the underclassmen guys, but the upperclassmen beat the underclassmen guys. The administration beat the teachers and upperclassmen, so they were the ultimate winners.

“I think this was the most fun activity I’ve been asked to do here at MHS, and I think we should do it every year.” said Mrs. Lakly, a member of the teachers’ team. “I think everyone would really enjoy attending because the most fun part of it is to sit in the audience and guess the answer.”