Fall Netflix Shows



Nakia Harmon, Opinions Editor

Fall is approaching which means that the leaves are falling and numerous Netflix originals are falling onto our screens. The genres of shows premiering on Netflix this Fall range from anything from dramas to comedies. This fall the rakes will be put aside and the remotes will be found in hand. 

According to Variety, there were about 700 Netflix original shows in 2018. The number of Netflix originals is constantly changing, which means that there is a show out there for everyone. The number of shows premiering on Netflix may seem like a “ Neverending Story” this Fall.

Although, the days left in Aug. are coming to an end there are still a couple of shows left that you can find premiering on Netflix. The Netflix bingers who are early birds have already caught season 3 of the British comedic sitcom “ Derry Girls ” which premiered Aug. 2, and this season picked up when James decided to stay in Derry instead of returning to England.

 On Aug. 23, season 3 of the teen drama “ 13 Reasons Why ” premiered which picked up from the cliffhanger involving Clay having Tyler’s assault rifle in his hand outside the school dance where Justin and Jessica are standing beside him in dismay.

The fantasy “ The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” will premiere Aug. 30 which will be about the world of Thra and centered around the story of Gelfings that was all inspired by Jim Hensen.

 The Netflix original international teen drama “ Elite” season 2 will premiere which is acting in all Spanish and can be watched with English subtitles. This season there is anticipation to see how Guzman will respond when discovering that his best friend murdered his sister.

 On Sept. 13,  the miniseries drama “ Unbelievable” will premiere which focuses on a serial rapist and teenaged victim who was charged with lying about what really happened to her that is based on “ An Unbelievable Story of Rape ” a Pulitzer Prize-winning story. Round two for the shows premiering on Netflix this Fall has been completed, but there are two more rounds left which means put your hands up for knock out rounds.

Finally, there are the shows premiering in Oct. and Nov. which will most likely be chosen over going out to trick or treat and carving a pumpkin. On Oct. 4, season 1 of the sci-fi series  “ Raising Dion” will premiere which focuses on a boy who has discovered that he has superpowers and who has to learn how to manage them with the guidance of his single mother based on a comic book.

 On Nov. 17,  season 3 of the historical period drama “The Crown” will premiere which will primarily be centered around the relationship of Philip and Queen Elizabeth ll. Jumping into a pile of leaves that you have racked will feel just as satisfying as jumping onto your couch and binging Netflix shows this Fall.