Spring Chorus Gala 2019


Nakia Harmon, Opinions Editor

The tenth annual Spring Gala show was held on Friday and Saturday in the McIntosh auditorium. This year’s production brought back songs that were originally performed in past productions. The theme of this year’s production was “The Greatest Show.” There were a total of 26 numbers that were separated into two acts with an intermission for the audience. “I thought that the turn out of this year’s Spring Gala was amazing, and this was the first time that we’ve sold out all three shows,” said chorus teacher Ms. Potter. Spring Gala was a celebration that not only commemorated the chorus departments 10th year putting on this production, but it also honored the 36 students that partook in their final performance of Spring Gala.

During the second act of the production, a slideshow presentation was played that showed pictures of the graduating students while “When I Grow Up” was being performed by the soon to be graduates. “I feel really upset about leaving chorus because I feel like I’m leaving my family behind. I’ve enjoyed my four years of chorus,” said senior Bella Voce member Sakinah Worsham. There was an outpour from soon to be graduates from chorus who just couldn’t loosen their grips on McIntosh’s stage. “It was super exciting since I was lucky enough to perform a sassy solo “Maybe This Time” because I thought it was the best way to end everything and to end alongside my best friend Clay,” said senior Cantabile member Emma Skaggs.  The presentation not only moved the hearts of family members and close friends, but it also touched the hearts of fellow chorus members. “I didn’t think about the seniors leaving chorus at the beginning of the school year, but as soon as they came on stage for their senior song I started balling my eyes out,” said junior Bella Voce member Xenia Jitomo. Hearts were also touched during the Saturday evening production when McIntosh choral alumni performed “Don’t Stop Believin’”.

The freshmen chorus students were not only able to be part of a huge milestone for the department, but they are also able to know that they have three more years of preparing for such an iconic showing. “I thought that my first Spring Gala was an amazing experience,” said freshman Alyssa Clayton, “I meet many new people.”

Younger voices also performed on McIntosh’s stage this year. During the Saturday matinee showing, the J.C Booth Middle School chorus students performed “Somebody to Love”.

“I went to all three showings of the Chorus Spring Gala, and all three were entertaining,” said freshman Drew Betts.