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“Bestest Bedtime Stories Told by your Grandpa”

Anastasia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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The advanced drama class performed “Bestest Bedtime Stories Told by your Grandpa” directed by drama teacher Ken Buswell on December 4.

“The play was extremely fun to be in,” junior Tucker Jones said. “In the beginning it was kind of a chaotic mess, but when it was finished it turned out great. We had a really good time acting it out together.”

The play took place in a bedroom with three children along with their grandfather who were portrayed by specific drama students. The children ask their grandfather to tell them a bedtime story each in which the rest of the cast took turns playing each role in the following stories. The first scene portrayed the famous story “Hansel and Gretel,” following right after was the fairytale “Sleeping Beauty,” and sealing the night off, the story “Jack and Jill” and “Jack and the Beanstalk” were combined into the last and final scene.

“It felt great playing ‘Jack’ because I could squeeze a little bit of my personality into the character.” junior Jack Choat said. “I loved performing in this show because the whole class had fun during the rehearsal process and it was an easy way to introduce the new performers to the stage.”

Anastasia Gonzalez
Advanced drama students play as three children talking to Josh Keeton who portrays their grandfather

Anastasia Gonzalez
Advanced drama students play as fairy godmothers

Anastasia Gonzalez
Jack Choat plays “Jack” from “Jack and the Beanstalk” and Katherine Mitchell plays “Jill” from “Jack and Jill” while talking to Lydia Campbell who plays the goose

Anastasia Gonzalez
Hayden Tatum and Emma Skaggs portray as Hansel and Gretel while talking to Annie Vender who plays the witch and Tucker Jones who plays the oven

Anastasia Gonzalez
Annie Vender plays Aurora from the movie Sleeping Beauty while Lydia Campbell portrays her fairy godmother


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“Bestest Bedtime Stories Told by your Grandpa”