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Double Sided

Meghan Jaczko, Staff Writer

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Take off those rose colored glasses

Get your head out of the clouds

Stake yourself to the ground

And face the music.


She has ripped off your angel wings

And let you fall into hell.

When you came out on the other side, barely clinging to life,

She called you weak.


She screams into your ear

Demanding to be given attention.

The only thing you can focus on anymore is her

And her cutting words.


She is malicious.

She is malignant.

She won’t stop until you are dead –

Only then will she be satisfied.


But still,


She is comforting


When the world is crashing down around you

She will wrap her arms around your waist

And run her hands through your hair.


Her fingers give you everlasting

Beauty and grace.

And control.


“If you listen to me you will be happy.”

She will tell you this every morning.

As soon as you wake up she is there for you.


She is shaped like an old friend.

The kind that doesn’t wait for any invitation,

The kind who overstays their welcome.


She is loud and obnoxious

And she is a part of you –

You will be weighed down by her probably forever.


But if you’re lucky

You pick yourself up

And learn to live without her comfort,


And without her influence.

You will learn what it’s like to live again.

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Double Sided