Amazing to See The Fight to Pee Free

Samantha Hutchinson, Staff Writer

Keep your eyes peeled in the future; several of the players in the 2018 musical “Urinetown” delivered strong and brilliant performances, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they end of going places. Emma Skaggs, Wylie Watlington, Clay Lawhead , Morgan Wiese, Iain Hemenway, and Diana Avina are without a doubt headed for stardom, and other supporting players may be, as well.  With talent, vision, and support of the team that keeps the MHS Fine Arts program alive and the passionate leadership of Mr. Buswell and Ms. Potter,  these players delivered 100%!

The quality of the play exceeded my expectations. It felt Broadway level, with bright lights, music, and exceptional dance numbers. Had I known I was going to a Broadway quality play, I would have brought the whole family along.  Those who missed the show really missed a wonderful play.

You might be excused for having expected some silly potty jokes and routines from a play entitled “Urinetown.” However, you would have been as surprised and delighted as I was at the thought provoking story line, engaging songs, talented choreography and brilliant execution of the entire cast and crew. The satirical views of the narrator, played by Perry Cox, and his helper Little Sally (Morgan Wiese) created many laughs during the scene transitions. We were taken through an exhilarating revolution against a greedy corporation that was forcing the citizens to pay to pee.  Many of the solos were enthralling. Emma Skaggs, Morgan Wiese, Iain Hemenway, Clay Lawhead, Anna Seville, Ryan Robertson, Colton Hayes and Lydia Campbell all delivered absolutely incredible solos in their roles. The creativity, depth and focus of all the players really drew the audience into the play.

The technical support team, too, was faultless, with  lighting and audio engineering that was innovative and brilliant. The technical support clearly added to the performance. Anyone who attended the show will agree that the cast, crew, and directorial team delivered, as Mr. Buswell likes to say each year, the best show ever.  One thing is certain: many stars shone brightly at MHS last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

MHS students are truly blessed to have such incredible wind beneath their wings in the form of Mr. Buswell, Ms. Potter, and the students, parents and staff who supported the show and its stars. Overall, I rate this play as wonderful, and I look forward to seeing what’s coming next from the Fine Arts at MHS.