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The Glimmering Tree

Dani Gray, Staff Writer

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I stand here

Beneath the glimmering tree.

Snow-covered ice dangles from its branches

Thoughts, weighing upon my mind.


The bliss of the snow is almost angelic

And to wander beneath it is a silent honour.

The cold wind is bitter


And undermeaning.


Yet, beneath the tree, I feel warmer than ever.

Safe at its base

Holding onto the key of its secrets

Holding onto




I feel tranquil as the snowflakes fall onto my wool coat

I am at ease

I may allow myself this single moment

This single moment with the tree

To breathe.






All is frozen, and all is still

My heart beats alongside

The glimmering tree.

In sync

In twine

In this small insignificant moment.


I feel at home, even in

Such a horrendous storm.



Has never been

So cherished.


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The Glimmering Tree