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It’s Kind of a Punny Story

Jaclyn Barnes, Staff Writer

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You MUSTARD heard of Georgia’s Grate Cheesy Grill Out! Cowever, the host, Triple G with a C, somehow ran out of supplies. The people RELISHED in despair, until one brave soul volunteered to venture out into the wild. Baby Belle stepped up and went with Mac. However, she was moo-ving too fast for him, and it took Mac a while to ketchup.

“What should we grab first?” Belle asked.

“I donut care,” Mac replied as he looked around.

“Lettuce pick up some hamburgers,” the girl suggested. They traveled to the frozen aisle, cheddaring from the cold. While they were there, they sausage (saw sage).

“Hey Sage!” Mac called.

“Hi! Are you skipping the grill out?” Sage asked.

“We’re actually pickle-ing up supplies!” Belle replied.

“Well you better hurry before you run out of thyme!” A worker – Herb – called, overhearing the conversation. At the warning, Baby Belle and Mac went bananas looking for things to buy. After getting bread, they rolled out of the store. Worried they loafed around too much, Belle and Mac ran back to the grill out. Thankfully, they got there before their buns started burning!

“Sushi (so she) did make it!” Someone from the crowd cheered as they came back. Belle and Mac passed the food to the chefs before falling to the ground. They were absolutely exhausted. They glazed up at the ocean-blue sky through the trees.

“Whale,” Mac laughed, “at least everything turned out oaky!”

“Yeah,” Baby Belle agreed, “everything is gouda.” They both agreed that that was the most stressful Fryday ever, and that they wanted to sleep until next Sundae! Baby Belle was about to get up to leave when she heard a voice.

“Hey Belle!” She spun around to see Mr. Frank Furter walked up to her. “You’re coming to the wedding Wed-nesday, right?”

“Oh! Yes!” Belle replied, “and it’s a beach wedding?”

“Yes it is! I’ll sea you there!” Frank said. With that Baby Belle left the grill out.

The days passed by, and soon the wedding arrived. Belle, wearing a bright red dress, attended with Mac. The day was bright and sand was all around, but it was beautiful nonetheless. A coral wreath hung at the alter.

“This is so cliché,” Mac grumbled.

“Hey, don’t be so salty!” Baby Belle retorted, “it’s a beautiful wedding. Gosh, you’re such a crabby person!” Mac ignored her comment, looking for a place to sit. Once they found one, the two patiently waited for the reception.

“Oh, it’s starting!” Mac announced. Belle quickly spun in her seat to look for the bride, Angel Lina Fish, but saw no one. Mac started laughing in his place next to her, claiming how gull-ible she was.

Finally, after a couple of hours, the ceremony was over. Frank Furter and Angel Lina were officially married, and the after party had begun. Everyone was laughing and dancing to the music. Belle doesn’t think she’s ever experience so much joy before! Angel was clam-bering around, talking to all the different guests.

“Careful with the drinking!” Angel called to someone as she approached Belle. “You’re going to become a bottlenose, Dalphine!” Angel chuckled to herself before turning to Belle. She gave her a giant bear hug.

“Congratulations!” Belle exclaimed as she returned the hug.

“Thank you! You know, I’m shell-shocked that I got married before you,” Angel said with a playful, friendly wink.

“Ha-ha,” Belle said in a monotone voice, “you’re so punny.” Angel was about to say something in reply before a new arrival caught her eye, and her attention was reeled to the other bait.

“Ooo! I sea food!” She exclaimed and began to rush toward it.

“What is there?” Belle called after her.


Belle quickly flopped over to the dishes. People were crowding around like a school of fish, trying to fish out everything the could.

“Belle!” Mac waved, crashing down at the sand bar. “They have some over here, wanna come?”

“Shore!” Belle replied, going against the current of people to her best friend. She arrived and took a seat next to him.

“I’m trying to surf the internet for a gift,” Mac said as she sat down. “I’m really late on getting one.”

“Whale, Angel likes doing laundry for some reason. Get her some Tide?” Belle suggested.

“As a wedding gift?” Mac laughed.

“Maybe some pearls?” The girl then suggested as a platter of oysters was brought to the two. “I’m shore shell love that.”

“Yes! You’re so smart!” Mac exclaimed.

“I’m plaid I could help,” Belle grinned, patting the back of Mac’s plaid suit. “This party is beginning to get out of sand.”

“Agreed. We should go.”

The friends stood up and found the newly wed couple, bidding their goodbyes. (“Kelp, it was nice to sea you! I’m blue you have to go, but I don’t blame you now that everyone is clown-fishing around. Keep fin touch!)

The week was long, but Baby Belle enjoyed it all nonetheless. Sea shore did have fun.

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2 Responses to “It’s Kind of a Punny Story”

  1. Natasha on August 28th, 2017 4:33 pm

    HAHAHA I love this!!!!

  2. Erin Slusher on August 28th, 2017 4:55 pm

    Hilarious story! I love puns; this is amazing!

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It’s Kind of a Punny Story