Professional instructs freshman literature classes in the art of stage combat

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

Freshman literature classes, in honor of starting to study and read “Romeo and Juliet,” were able to participate in the art of stage combat on Thursday, January 12. Guest speaker and stage combat professional Drew Groome showed students various techniques of stage fighting and invited them to act out the first scene, an intense battle scene of “Romeo and Juliet.”

Freshman Nicholas Cornejo said, “The whole thing was a really fun experience. I was really comfortable, and being up on stage felt like home. She even let herself get kicked and hit, stage combat kicked and hit that is, around by some of us. I am really appreciative of being able to partake in it, and I feel like she really showed us some character.”

Freshman Haley Fink said, “Being able to participate in this gave me a new out look on starting “Romeo and Juliet.” This experience has made me more anxious to read it. I feel like she did a great job at showing us all how to stage fight, and I am thankful for the experience.”

(All photos by Arden Estep)