Students share thoughts on Mannequin Challenge

Arden Estep, Staff Writer

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Brianna Dannehl
Students Jackson Fuentes, Connor Whittle, and Cameron Stephens take part in internet trend called the Mannequin Challenge.

The recent internet craze called the Mannequin Challenge has recently been taking over many social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. The Mannequin Challenge is a video, usually filmed with music playing in the background, that involves people posing as if they are frozen in place.

Junior Jomar Tatum said, ” I feel strongly that the Mannequin Challenge has become too popular, and it has come to the point where I am tired of scrolling through my social media feed to see nothing but the Mannequin Challenge. This challenge ended up being just played out and overused. Maybe if it was not on my social media feed every day, I would feel differently toward the subject.”

Freshman Angelina Sao said, “I’ve participated in a few Mannequin Challenges and have had a blast every time. It is a fun little group activity to do with friends or classmates and is perfect if you’ve got some spare time to burn because it doesn’t take a whole lot of preparation.”