McIntosh fine arts students show off their talents in the annual Fine Arts Day

Sylvie Call, Staff writer

Every year, fine arts students are provided with the opportunity to perform and show off their talents and skills. During Fine Arts Day, tech theater, drama, art, band, chorus, and orchestra students showcased their skills. 

Sophomore Katie Dodgen, an art student, said that her favorite part of art class is the art room. She said, “The free flowing freedom of expression along with the drawers and closets full of supplies that we would not normally have access to that are all in one place; a place that is full to the brim with crazy, artistic minds. That is the art room.”

Freshman Cooper Huau is a trumpet player in the band. He said that his favorite part of band is that he gets “to play fun music with cool people and amazing band directors.”

Junior Mariella Giordano is in the percussion section of the band. She said that her favorite part of band is “the closeness [they] all share, kinda like a second family.”