Taylor Swift releases new album “1989”

CD cover for Taylor Swifts new album 1989.

CD cover for Taylor Swift’s new album “1989”.

Elizabeth Quarles, A&E Editor

Taylor Swift recently released her new record “1989.” The record strayed from the pop country sound her music has followed up until now. Her new record is much more pop than country, competing more with artists like P!nk or Katy Parry than pop country singers. Despite this transition of genres, the album is still popular among her fans.

Her music possesses some elements similar to music produced in the 80’s, such as in the song “Style,” but these elements are few, vague and rare.  The album basically follows the general format used by most pop artists. The record has mostly love songs and break up songs, yet exceptions in topic do exist as in “Welcome to New York” and “Shake it off ,” which made the top 2o VH1 countdown.

While Swift has converted to a new sound, her lyrics remain deep, unlike much of the popular music that is being released nowadays. Over the course of the record, she sings about the stages and the effects of falling in love.  Her song “Out of the Woods” refers to the anxiety and rough patches that ensue in relationships. “Bad Blood” is another song that deals with break-ups, and “Clean” is about the final stage of the relationship when she finally moves on.

Overall, the album is good. While Swift does not deviate much from the topic of falling in love and out of love, she takes a variety of different approaches to it.

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