Runner Runner comes to theatres


“Runner Runner” is a movie about a college student that cannot afford to pay his student loans. When his future is in jeopardy, he turns to the worst possible action, gambling.

However, he soon gets addicted and loses all his money. He is determined that the website he played on cheated him and has been stealing money from the players.

He travels to Costa Rica to face the owner and get his money back but only ends up getting involved deeper.

This movie is good because it has nail-biting scenes, and we can all connect to it in some way.

Many students need money, and sometimes they turn to illegal sources in order to get it. This movie shows the bad consequences. Even when crime seems easy, it’s not worth the consequences.

It is a must see movie for the people who love Justin Timberlake or Ben Affleck. This movie will be among your top favorites.