“LOL” wows teen audiences


Savannah Massingill, Staff Writer

Many people have never heard of the movie LOL because, in 2012, it was released in only eight states. However, more people should, because it is an excellent movie and many teenage viewers can relate to it in some way.

Miley Cyrus starred in a movie as her character Lola along with Demi Moore who plays her mother. LOL is about Lola and her friends living in Chicago. All of the characters are going through difficulties whether it’s finding love, struggling in school, or dealing with parents who just don’t understand them.

Lola, the main character, is your average teenager trying to figure out her life. First, she has to deal with her love life. She gets harassed and called nasty names by her ex-boyfriend, but then ends up falling in love with one of his friends, Kyle. Then, she has to deal with her friends, like most high school students. One of her friends is in a relationship and doesn’t want anyone finding out which leads to Lola thinking Kyle is cheating on her; however that is not the situation. Finally, Lola has to deal with her family. Having divorced parents and living with her mom, she deals with what many teenagers do – a parent who doesn’t understand everything Lola does and why she does them.

Sophomore, Rachel Massingill, said, “It was a great movie and I can completely understand and relate to the guy problems.” She also commented, “I liked seeing the relationship build between Lola and her mother. It was really sweet.”

LOL is a movie that  every teenager can share a connection with and relate to because the events are very realistic, unlike other movies based on teenagers which are completely unrealistic.