‘Teen Titans’ Reboot Review


Savannah Massingill, Staff Writer

Teen Titans was a huge part of my childhood. I can remember nights where my sister and I would stay up late just to watch it together. Though the show had its dark moments, it was good because it stayed true to the comic books it was based on and had a plotline that was worth watching the show for.

“Teen Titans Go!”, however, does not follow in the original show’s footsteps.

When my friend mentioned that “Teen Titans” was rebooting, I was excited that they were bringing a part of my childhood back, though after seeing the commercial, I was not as enthusiastic.

The commercials offered a more cartoonish, innocent and silly version of the serious, dark and detailed animation I grew up with. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on watching it, but I had to just to see how bad it was.
And my goodness was it bad.

The show started off with a usually darker character, Raven, watching a “My Little Pony” rip-off, which was ridiculous enough for a character as deep as her. I later realized however that Tara Strong, the voice of Raven, also is the voice actress for Twilight Sparkle, one of the many ponies in “My Little Pony”.

Very clever, Cartoon Network.

Speaking of voice actors, this show has the entire original cast, according to the credits. Though it was nice to see that they weren’t replaced, I was more disappointed in the fact that the original cast agreed to do something as appalling as this.

But times are hard, I suppose.

The show was split into two “mini” episodes. One, called ‘The Legendary Sandwich’, was about the group finding the ingredients to a legendary sandwich that Raven fabricated so that she could watch her “My Little Pony” rip-off in peace. The other, ‘Pie Bros’, was about Beast Boy worrying about Cyborg’s present for his birthday while celebrating their love for pie.

Sound stupid? Trust me, it was even more painful to watch.

Most of the time, I will admit, I was laughing.

Only 1 percent of time though was I laughing because there was something funny; the other 99 percent was me laughing at how truly pitiful the spin off was.

And after doing some really shallow research, I discovered why it was as bad as it was.

According to the writers, the show is MEANT to be a comedy. They wanted to show their lives outside of fighting crime and what it’s like for five teenage superheroes to live without adult supervision.

If I wanted to watch a show about teenagers being stupid teenagers I would watch “Degrassi” or one of those new Disney or Nickelodeon shows. But I don’t. Why? Because I go to a place called HIGH SCHOOL. I’m forced to watch teenagers act stupid five days a week. So voluntarily watching it in my spare time doesn’t really appeal to me.

Anyway, this show is absolutely different from the original show, and not in a good way. If you’ve never watched an episode of “Teen Titans” in your life, watch the original, not this. If you’re a fan like me, don’t watch the reboot.

Long story short, unless you’re looking for a really bad cartoon show, avoid it.