The best 2013 April Fools internet pranks

Savannah Massingill, Staff Writer

This April Fools included some pretty great pranks from around the internet. Companies from Google to Youtube all did their best to prank their users. Below are some of the best and the worst of the internet’s April Fool pranks.


Google Nose: This year, Google took their prank pretty seriously. Have you ever searched for something on Google and wished you could smell the sweet-or possible sour-scent in that exact moment? Yeah, me neither but, apparently the people working over at Google have. Google is now letting you type your favorite scent into its search engine, tap the “smell button” and inhale to your hearts content.

View the Video HERE.

Youtube Competition: Google has decided to shut down YouTube. After eight years, the company revealed that the whole thing has actually been an American Idol-like competition. For the last few years, people all over the world have uploaded their videos to the major video sharing site but no one ever really knew the secret motive until now. The company has finally revealed that the competition that we know as YouTube is coming to a close, and that an expert panel of judges — YouTube celebrities themselves — will choose the winners. But don’t expect the winners to be announced any time soon. The judges will spend the next decade sifting through YouTube videos to choose said winners.

View the Video HERE.

The White House:  This is quite possibly the most adorable prank ever.

View the Video HERE.

American Eagle Spray on Jeans: Because some people might actually buy these.



Vimeow: Vimeo, the popular video sharing company, decided to change up their vids a little when they relaunched themselves as “Vimeow,” the place for all your cat videos.