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May 30, 2017
McIntosh holds 2017 graduation (Story)
May 02, 2017
Print newspaper receives top ranking (Story)
Oct 05, 2016
Students come out for Homecoming Parade on Oct. 5 (Story)
Sep 02, 2016
Peachtree City library sponsors writing group (Story)
Dec 03, 2015
Chorus students carol for classes (Story)
Nov 20, 2015
Bank of America offers leadership program opportunity (Story)
Nov 17, 2015
Senior Mikeila McQueston wins Poetry Out Loud contest (Story)
Aug 26, 2015
Students share summer memories ()
Aug 06, 2015
New school year brings excitement (Story)
May 26, 2015
Graduation takes place Friday, May 22 (Story)
May 13, 2015
Senior Ad (Story)
May 07, 2015
Seniors need to prepare for exit; underclassmen need to prepare for summer (Story)
Apr 13, 2015
McIntosh Trail earns high ratings in Georgia Scholastic Press Association contests (Story)
Mar 24, 2015
Website reader receives Chick-fil-a coupon (Story)
Mar 19, 2015
Website reader wins Chick-fil-a coupon (Story)
Feb 27, 2015
Maggie Sottero size 4-6 (Story)
Feb 23, 2015
Sherri Hill size 4 (Story)
Feb 19, 2015
Students offered opportunity to sell prom dresses on website (Story)
Feb 19, 2015
Website reader receives Chick-fil-a sandwich coupon for week of Feb. 9 (Story)
Feb 18, 2015
Website subscriber wins two tickets to Hawks-Mavericks game (Story)
Feb 03, 2015
MHS PTSO President responds to opinion article (Story)
Feb 02, 2015
Website subscriber wins Amazon gift card (Story)
Jan 23, 2015
Website reader awarded with Chick-fil-a coupon (Story)
Dec 12, 2014
One Direction dvd winner announced (Story)
Dec 05, 2014
Chorus entertains students with caroling (Story)
Apr 25, 2014
McIntosh Trail newspaper and web site receive “excellent” ratings from GSPA competition (Story)
Mar 10, 2014
Brad Manning sweetens his prom invitation (Story)
Feb 07, 2014
Marguerite Murrell wins Poetry Out Loud competition (Story)
Jan 10, 2014
MHS Trail seeks journalists for next school year (Story)
Dec 13, 2013
Chorus students carol in classrooms (Story)
Oct 17, 2013
MHS Trail goes to GSPA journalism conference at UGA (Story)
Sep 17, 2013
Lady Chiefs play hard for teachers during faculty appreciation (Story)
Sep 16, 2013
Vote for MHS as High 5 Sports Team of the Week (Story)
Aug 20, 2013
MHS JV Basketball Camp Team takes home championship (Story)
Aug 12, 2013
Students begin a new school year (Story)
May 28, 2013
MHS seniors celebrate graduation (Story)
May 21, 2013
Students celebrate spring sports’ successes at pep rally (Story)
May 21, 2013
Students compose and illustrate books about “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Story)
May 20, 2013
Yearbooks available for purchase (Story)
May 15, 2013
MHS Trail says good-bye to seven seniors (Story)
May 03, 2013
MHS Trail needs staff members for 2013-2014 school year (Story)
Apr 24, 2013
Senior Catherine Perry wins Chick-fil-a coupon for week of April 15 (Story)
Apr 11, 2013
MHS Trail to include senior pages in May 16 edition (Story)
Mar 29, 2013
Sophomore Ethan Caldwell wins Chick-fil-a biscuit for week of March 25, 2013 (Story)
Feb 14, 2013
Senior Jacob Coffey wins Chick-fil-a sandwich coupon for week of February 11, 2013 (Story)
Feb 07, 2013
Senior Emily Giglio wins Chick-fil-a sandwich coupon for week of February 4 (Story)
Feb 01, 2013
Sophomore Bryan Chen wins Chick-fil-a sandwich for week of January 28, 2013 (Story)
Jan 29, 2013
Alan Rikkin finds us online (Story)
Jan 29, 2013
Junior Monica Jamison wins Chick-fil-a sandwich for week of January 21 (Story)
Jan 17, 2013
English Department sponsors after-school field trip to Shakespeare Tavern (Story)
Jan 17, 2013
English Department to show Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” on movie night (Story)
Jan 15, 2013
Friends of Peachtree City library solicits poetry during National Poetry Month (Story)
Jan 15, 2013
Atlanta Hawks encourages students to shout out in poetry (Story)
Jan 11, 2013
James Flores wins Chick-fil-a sandwich for week of January 7 (Story)
Dec 06, 2012
Andy Houghton wins the Chick-fil-a sandwich for the week of December 3 (Story)
Nov 14, 2012
Jonathan Ciecka wins Chick-fil-a sandwich for week of November 12 (Story)
Nov 01, 2012
Freshman Lauren Siegel wins Kindle Fire HD in newpaper contest (Story)
Oct 11, 2012
Mrs. Owen’s students make videos (Story)
Sep 23, 2012
Smile, students and faculty; we have cameras and aren’t afraid to use them . . . ()
Sep 13, 2012
McIntosh selected as High 5 Sports Team of the Week (Story)
Sep 11, 2012
Advanced Art students imitate the style of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. (Story)
Sep 02, 2012
Student Videos (Story)
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