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Meghan Jaczko
Born on April 14, 2000, Meghan Jaczko is joining the McIntosh Trail for her senior year. Because Meghan is a dancer, she loves the fine arts and is looking forward to writing for the Arts and Entertainment section of the newspaper. Meghan is looking at many different colleges, but is interested in ones with a strong biology program and beautiful campus. She hopes to earn a doctorate in molecular biology and go on to work with immunotherapy in regards to cancer treatment. Meghan likes school and learning so it’s not surprising that she has taken many challenging courses such as: AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, and AP Art History. She excels at science, but Meghan also enjoys literature and psychology. Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby because of its style of writing and how the characters are written. In regards to her personal life, Meghan has two dogs and one cat; all of her animals are black and white. She also likes to watch television and movies; movies from the DC franchise are her favorite. Her parents are supportive of her goals and push her to be the best person she can.

Meghan Jaczko, Staff Writer

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