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Davis Roberson
Freshman Davis Roberson has lived in the bubble that is Peachtree City for all of his life.  Davis joins the journalism team as a staff writer and hopes to ultimately become editor-in-chief as his sister Jessica was four years ago.  Davis loves playing and watching just about any sport, but he really enjoys watching college football.  When he’s watching college football, chances are he’s watching either an Auburn replay or an Auburn football game. Davis is a baseball enthusiast as well and enjoys watching and playing the sport.  On top of that, Davis loves to watch basketball and is a huge supporter of the North Carolina Tar Heels. Davis’ love for English and passion for writing have been the key factors behind his decision to join the team this year. Davis said that he likes high school and is really excited about having fewer classes, being able to go to bed later, waking up later and having more overall freedom. Davis thoroughly enjoys his time with his dog, Elvis, as well as time with his family.  When it comes to music, Davis enjoys country music, and his favorite artist is Jason Aldean.  Davis looks forward to a great year on staff. 

Davis Roberson, Staff Writer

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The student news site of McIntosh High School, home of the Chiefs