Annual Homecoming Dance Recap

The 2019 McIntosh homecoming dance took place on Sept. 28 in the McIntosh gymnasium from seven to ten. The theme of this year’s homecoming dance was Hollywood which included decorations ranging from a red carpet that led down to the gymnasium floor to very photoshopped movie posters depicting the administrators at McIntosh.

The red carpet didn’t just automatically roll itself out or the photoshopped movie posters weren’t created by themselves, but were out together by the McIntosh student government.

“I didn’t realize how much went into planning, budgeting, and coordinating all the elements of the dance, and although not everything turned out exactly as we envisioned it, most of the students had a wonderful time, and that was our top priority,” said sophomore student government member Celine Bennett.

“They played popular music, and I liked the hype,” said sophomore Isaac Sanders.