Corporal Isaac Deployed for Jordan


Katrina Skonberg, Opinions Editor

Our beloved “Frozone,” more officially known as Corporal Isaac, left McIntosh High School on Friday, April 14 for a deployment to Jordan with the Marines.

Isaac served McIntosh as a resource officer for approximately three years following Officer High’s service. Isaac is in the Marines, and he was serving as a resource officer while he wasn’t deployed. Recently, he was called back to serve in Jordan at the American Embassy for nine months.

For some students, it will be strange not having him walking around on school grounds.

Sophomore Ava Kreitner said, “I really enjoyed having Corporal Isaac around. He’s been here since my first day and it feels strange to have another resource officer around.”

Senior Perry Cox said, “Corporal Isaac is such a great man. He always maintained a professional persona, while still deeply caring for all the students at the school. I saw him grow his affection for students and I know he’d do anything for any kid here. We’ll all miss him deeply.”

The entire school seems unified in their hope that his trip to Jordan is safe and successful, and they look forward to his return next February.