Homecoming succeeds in inspiring spirit

Savannah Massingill, Staff Writer

This past week, the school banded together to celebrate the spirit of Homecoming and the anticipated defeat of the Mundy’s Mill Tigers.

The week began with the whole school showing their stars and stripes as they dressed for theU.S.and showed their spirit as “America’s Team.” Tuesday, the halls were filled with students wearing costumes and strange spirit wear to celebrate “Disguise Yourself” day. From Mario and Luigi to the Avengers, students’ costumes exhibited a wide variety of odd characters. Wednesday, students dressed their best by wearing ties and pearls. The student body looked surprisingly spiffy as the boys waltzed around in their tuxes and ties while the girls floated in their dazzling dresses. The whole school was in disguise and ready to pounce Thursday as they disguised themselves in every color of camouflage. Some students even went so far as to dress as shrubbery. Spear-it day, however, was the most exciting as the freshman wore white, the sophomores wore green, while the juniors wore black, and as tradition, the seniors paraded around in togas. People were painted every school shade in excitement for the afternoon pep rally and the Friday night football game.

The pep rally was a huge success, as evidenced by the hundreds of screaming students. The freshmen were surprisingly spirited as they celebrated their first Homecoming pep rally. The sophomores, who at times attempted to shout their class chant, were spirited but unfortunately, out-chanted by the proud juniors and seniors. As always, the juniors and seniors went back and forth with their class chants, but the seniors clearly proved who the rulers of this school are when they ended the pep rally by raising their newspapers and silencing the junior class.

The pep rally also entertained students with performances by the renowned Chiefettes, as well as the peppy cheerleaders, and the hilarious cheers and dances, by the Powderpuff cheerleaders, which included dances to “Whip My Hair” and “Wobble”.

After the events on Friday, the school then ended the day with the Homecoming game against Mundy’s Mill. At half-time theHomecoming Courtcame onto the field and the winners of each grade were presented.

With a final score of 23-18the Chiefs beat the Mundy’s Mill Tigers and closed the week with a magnificent win.