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“Light Spring Breeze”

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“Light Spring Breeze”

Dani Gray, Staff Writer

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The light spring breeze,

Relieves my colder skin.

And the colors that bloom,

Put the light back in my eyes.


The sun breaks through

My frosty walls of ice.

The pollen that dusts the roads,

Reminds my weary soul that life continues on.


I sit beneath the tree,

It’s leaves fresh and green and mystical.

But my body is worn down,

From the fading cold.


It is only when the winter approaches,

And the colors turn once more dull.

It is only when the crisp fall air carries the clouds,

To cover the welcoming sun.

It is only when

The light is dulled

The color is pale

The cold creeps over my skin.


That I realize I missed my chance to bloom,

And to open my heart to the light spring breeze.

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“Light Spring Breeze”