2018 Powder Puff pits juniors against seniors

Seniors run the ball and score against the juniors at the 2018 Homecoming game.

Many students’ favorite school events are held in homecoming week, such as voting for friends on homecoming court, dressing up for spirit week, and the big homecoming game. Arguably, the most beloved tradition of homecoming week, though, is the Powder Puff game. On Oct. 4, the McIntosh student body had the opportunity to see their favorite juniors and seniors switch up their traditional roles. The boys squeezed themselves into their cheer uniforms, and the girls laced up their cleats and put on their football jerseys. Students welcomed the 10th annual Powder-puff game with high spirits.

Even though there was only one practice, the students were able to see major skill by seeing some serious plays from the girls’ side. The seniors and juniors went head to head with the seniors showing better offensive moves, but the juniors held up a better defense.

Junior Skylar Dennis, number 24 on the field, held the position of running back. She ran up and down the sidelines showcasing great skill carrying the ball.

The boys also showed off their cheerleading abilities by performing stunts and tumbles. The students were surprised that so many boys knew how to do flips and cartwheels.

“I had no idea that the guys could perform like that,” sophomore Emma Cain said.

Junior Noah Smith, cheerleader for the Powder Puff game, was able to show off his acrobatic skills by ending the boys’ performance with a cartwheeling leading into a split. The halftime show was also a hit and everyone was cheering wildly in the stands.

Senior Zakai Anderson was voted as Mr. Powder Puff and was granted a tiara which he waltzed around in for the duration of the night. “At the end of the day, it comes down to us all being Mr. Powder-puff at heart,” said Anderson.

By the third possession, the junior and senior class was still tied 0-0. Hannah Elwell scored the first touchdown for the seniors and was described as a “beast” by many of her teammates.

When the juniors were down six points Chaylee responded by saying, “Even though the seniors didn’t get a touchdown but its fine. It’s definitely a rigged game. The seniors get touchdowns but they haven’t earned the touchdowns.”

Junior Mackenzie Rose was the only one to score a touchdown for the junior class causing the minimal students in the junior stand to cheer and have some hope for the game.

Right as they had hope with the tied game, senior quarterback Chloe Minor scored a touchdown. Senior Kamryn Torr finished the game off with another 6 points ending the game with a score of 19-6.

“After losing last year, all of the returning players were really upset considering we should have won last year, so winning this year was huge for us,” Torr said. “Although everyone thinks that the game is rigged, at the end of the day, seniors are still the best,” she said.