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2016-2017 Staff

Jackson Fuentes


McIntosh Trail Editor-in-Chief Jackson Fuentes (17), a senior, is entering his fourth year on the newspaper staff. Jackson joined newspaper as a freshman because of a recommendation by one of his teachers. He was born in Peachtree City and moved to Savannah, Georgia, in 2008. In 2011, he moved back to Peachtree City. This year, Jackson is looking forward to being in charge of the newspaper staff a...

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Connor Whittle

Print Editor

Senior Connor Whittle was born October 14, 1998, and was raised in Peachtree City. He attended Kedron Elementary and  J.C Booth Middle School in his younger years. Now, he is going into his fourth year at McIntosh and is in his third year of writing for the McIntosh Trail. He originally took it because of his best friend who also took the class, and he had the goal of improving his writing techni...

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Kyle Ewers

Layout/Website Editor

Kyle Ewers returns for his third year as editor and fourth year on the MHS trail staff.  Throughout high school, he has also been a part of the school’s cross country and track teams.  One of Kyle’s favorite moments from cross country was during his freshman year when he ran in the open race with his senior friends. Kyle not only puts in the miles to train for his races, but also he exce...

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Cameron Stephens

News and Opinion Editor

Currently in his senior year at McIntosh, Cameron Stephens joined the newspaper when he was a sophomore because he wanted to improve his writing. Now, three years later, he is an integral part of the McIntosh Trail, and he brings his knowledge and straightforward mindset to help keep the paper running. Cameron got a near perfect score of 2390 on the SAT and plans to become a doctor. He says he wan...

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Sekoixa Gonzalez

A & E Editor

Senior SeKoixa Gonzalez (17)  is currently in her second year of journalism and first year as an editor. She has a younger sister, a sophomore, attending McIntosh. SeKoixa is originally from Provo, Utah, but has lived in Peachtree City for seven years. SeKoixa said that, as a young girl, she wanted to inform the public with the truth. Later she developed a passion for writing, causing her to pursue ...

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Kamryn Torr

Sports Editor

Sophomore, Kamryn Torr, born October 28, 2000, joined newspaper her freshman year and has returned to write for the McIntosh Trail. She played soccer for the school last year. She is looking forward to playing soccer throughout high school and is striving to receive a scholarship from Penn State or UNC. Originally from Marietta, Kamryn moved to Peachtree City at 3.  Her family never owned any pet...

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Tyler Baccarny

Staff Writer

Senior Tyler Baccarny (18) moved to Peachtree City from Overland Park, Kansas, when he was 6. He looks forward to graduation later this year. He hopes to attend either the University of Alabama or the University of South Carolina because he has family that has attended each. He loves all his math classes because he is a math genius, but he aspires to become either a pilot or a dentist, whichever h...

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Patti Bowles

Staff Writer

Senior Patty Bowles (17) joined the newspaper staff in March 2017. She said that she is very excited to work on the team. Originally from Illinois, Patty recently moved from Winter Haven, Florida, to Peachtree City. In her free time, Patty loves to draw, write, and read. She always has a book in her hand. Patty also loves animals. She has two dogs, a pit bull and a chihuahua. Even though they seem...

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Sylvie Call

Staff Writer

Sophomore Sylvie Call (15) was born in Iowa but spent most of her childhood in Marietta, Georgia. Her parents - her father, a caretaker for the severely autistic and her mother, a midwife - moved to Peachtree City three years ago for career opportunities. The oldest of four children, she constantly finds herself in the midst of a hectic household. In high school, she’s always leaned towards literatur...

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Caroline Chang

Staff Writer

Senior Caroline Chang (17) loves spending her time playing soccer for the school during the spring sports season. She has lettered two times and is going for her third this year. She plays defense for the nationally ranked Lady Chiefs soccer team. Soccer and Genji, her dog, drive her passions. She first gained her passion for soccer after watching Kelley O’Hara, a local girl, and the United Stat...

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Samantha Cornett

Staff Writer

Freshman Sam Cornett (14) joins the journalism team for her first year as a high school student. Although her actual first name is Samantha, she prefers the more concise version: Sam. Born March 18, 2002, in Atlanta, Georgia, Sam has lived in the Peachtree City area her whole life, but she often spends her summers in North Carolina. However, she admits that she is looking forward to leaving Peachtree Ci...

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Brianna Dannehl

Staff Writer

Senior Brianna Dannehl is one of the many new additions to the newspaper team. She is looking forward to graduating this year. In fact, when asked about her aspirations, she said “graduating as quickly as possible” was her main short term goal. As for long term goals, she aspires to be an  veterinarian to exotic animals because she loves working with big animals like elephants and giraffes. Be...

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Samuel Ellis

Staff Writer

  Junior Sam Ellis, a first-year staff writer, is junior class president, vice president of the National English Honor Society, vice president of debate and junior editor of misChief, the literary magazine at McIntosh. Sam looks forward to leading his debate team and hopes to be successful during competitions. He decided to join debate because his favorite teacher, Mr. Abel, who sponsors debate, ...

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Arden Estep

Staff Writer

Freshman Arden Estep (14) is a first year staff member for the McIntosh Trail. She has a younger sister who is an eighth grader at Booth Middle School. Arden is not involved in any extracurricular activities, but she enjoys swimming. In her free time, Arden enjoys spending time with friends, ordering pizza, and watching shows such as “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Arden grew up with a...

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Ceci Giordano

Staff Writer

  Sophomore Ceci Giordano loves playing travel soccer and being a part of the soccer  team. Although she was born in Connecticut, she plans on going to New York University, Duke University or University of Georgia to become an attorney to defend others after she graduates from McIntosh. In the meantime, she strives to improve her writing in journalism and learn more about language in Spanish ...

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Rease Henry

Staff Writer

Sophomore Rease Henry(15) is new to the journalism class. When asked what he hopes to gain from his time on the newspaper, Rease said, “I want be taken more serious as a writer and write stories that read well.” He also wants to give back to the newspaper. He said, “As an outgoing and positive person, I hope to add to the McIntosh Trail’s recognition and popularity through interviews and stories.” Rease...

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Caitlyn Kinard

Staff Writer

Junior Caitlyn Kinard enjoys writing, debate, and politics. Her extracurricular activities include being a part of the Debate Club, and she is also the president of the Young Libertarians Club. Caitlyn mostly looks forward to debate tournaments during the school year. Her decision to join journalism was to further improve her writing. Caityln’s love of writing makes English her favorite subject...

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Gwen Martin

Staff Writer

Sophomore Gwen Martin was born in Peachtree City, Georgia. As she grew up, her mom inspired her to work hard and always go towards her goal, so she did. This school year, Gwen plans to do better in both school and extracurricular activities. Since it is her second year at McIntosh High School, she decided to do something different and joined the newspaper. She chose the class because she loves wri...

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Katie Milligan

Staff Writer

Senior Katie Milligan, a first time McIntosh Trail staff writer, has lived in Peachtree City since sixth grade. She moved here from a city near Memphis, Tenn., with her mother and father and attended J.C. Booth Middle School. She likes anything that begins with the letter “p,” such as potatoes, puns, puppies, the name poopy boo bear and planets. A few exceptions to her “p” rule include lar...

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Caleb Minor

Staff Writer

Senior Caleb Minor (17) is a Rome, New York, native, but he moved to Peachtree City in 2005. He enjoys playing tennis for McIntosh High School and the USTA and also enjoys running. He started playing tennis competitively in eighth grade. Caleb is looking forward to the start of tennis season, spring break and graduation this year. Caleb was convinced by friends to become a new member of the new...

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Davis Roberson

Staff Writer

Freshman Davis Roberson has lived in the bubble that is Peachtree City for all of his life.  Davis joins the journalism team as a staff writer and hopes to ultimately become editor-in-chief as his sister Jessica was four years ago.  Davis loves playing and watching just about any sport, but he really enjoys watching college football.  When he’s watching college football, chances are he’s wa...

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Andrew Schlappi

Staff Writer

Senior Andrew Schlappi (17) is a new member of the staff. He was born in Tallahassee, Florida, and has lived in Peachtree City for 16 years. He joined the newspaper staff because his friends said that he would enjoy the class since he is such a great writer, and he is excited about bringing his spunk to the class. Andrew is excited to have a chance to report on sports events. Andrew cannot wait f...

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Jackson Stone

Staff Writer

Freshman Jackson Stone, who has always lived in the Atlanta area, is a first-year staff writer. Jackson attended Crabapple Lane and Booth before coming to McIntosh. He is enjoying the school although he said, "It's much bigger than Booth." Jackson is an accomplished student already, building an impressive résumé, including playing piano for the past four years, participating in the Backgammon...

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